Determination of Cardiac Reserve in Heart Failure using Pulse Wave Velocity Analysis

Heart failure is associated with diminished cardiac output, the amplitude of thearterial pulse wave velocity (PWV), and the magnitude of the reflected wave at baseline. With exercise, there is augmentation of contractility and systolicoutput that changes the characteristic wave form of the arterial pulse. Themain objective of this project is to develop a quantitative analysis method tocharacterize the dynamic configurations of the arterial wave forms at baselineand with cardiovascular stress. We are developing algorithms and scoring system that detects changes in arterial PWV between baseline/rest and peak cardiovascular stress in order to determine cardiac reserve using noninvasive ultrasound.

Sula Mazimba
School of Medicine

John A. Hossack
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Andrew D. Mihalek
School of Medicine

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Duration: 01:22

Posted: Sunday, December 1, 2019

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